Bout Time

by D-Boy and Jeff Yateman

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A sampler platter of sounds from D-Boy and Jeff Yateman, six songs all distinct and unique, from our minds to your ears, enjoy!


released February 10, 2013

Lyrics/vocals : Dan Amboy
Beats/production: Jeff Yateman



all rights reserved


D-Boy Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: Say Something
YO MOTHAFUCKA (what you wanna say somethin?)
NO MOTHAFUCKA (you ain't gonna say nothin)
I'ma do me, I'ma outdo me
YO MOTHAFUCKA (What you wanna say somethin?)
NO MOTHAFUCKA (You ain't gonna say nothin)
I'ma do me, I'ma I'ma do me

Verse 1:
Beastin', fresh up out the cage doe
I came to kick it and dip it up in the queso
And you mad, that's sad, I'm rad,
-ical on the tactical rap tip
Shootin from the hip I'm refusin to miss
You ain't cool as it gets I bet yous is a bitch
Highly probable I find it kinda comical son
You say you hot shit well I am the prodigal one
Feel the jugular beat, booth juggernaut
Put 'em on the spot like, "are you a thug or not?"
RIP BREEZE, I lived it with the realest
So that's why I heard your spittin and I didn't really feel it
Psychedelic intake, borderline too high
Fourth dimension, no use for these two eyes
Ooooo, leave you lookin' like banana splits
I'm gettin too aggressive now I need a hit of cannibus
D to the B to the O-Y yes,
he's a beast on the beat he's the dopest I guess
Flow fresha than you eva seen, pro hi-def
And I'm weedin out the wannabes til only I'm left I'm
D to the B to the O-Y yes,
I'm a freak on the beat I'm a geek in the street
Flow fresha than you eva seen, mindstate Evergreen
Who you talkin' to you talkin' to me you remember me??


Verse 2:
Simple, I'm feelin' invincible
No threats to my stone set principles
Stay true, make moves, do work, I
Came thru, take two, lets murk em
Jeffery keep the beat so Gershwin
Underground baby, I can feel the earth spin
Yyeaa, every bubble gotta burst kid
I should know I blowed up and yup sure did
I'ma kill 'em with the focus, burst bubbles
You ain't real with yo ho shit, burst bubbles
Ahh, say you spittin' fire with yo pants saggin
You lil' circus acts lookin at the damn dragon
I'm mythical, skill set mystical
Third eye on the prize at the pinnacle
I went from cynical to dismal to cocksure
A whimsical, quizzical, modern day monster



He started talkin' we ain't even get a name from
And I'm an atheist, but I'ma pray for 'em (x4)
Track Name: Magnet
Verse 1:
I think I finally found my angel with a broken wing
To sprinkle salt on my wounds, cuz she knows the sting
So very well and yes my heart it had this opening
She said she feel my pain I tell her, "thanks for noticing"
She got this power about her, and I don't know what it is
It creeps all up in my veins, and I don't know what it is
But she fine and she kind of a mindreader
I seem to find her by my side everytime I need her
OH, she got that universal force with her
She got that love, got that love, and I can't quit her
It's the push it's the pull it's the thrill of it
We killin' it, concealin' it and all the time I'm feelin' it

When I been feelin' like a magnet feels
Opposites attract (baby) that's fa real
And I been pickin thru the pieces of the puzzle
I'm befuddled, but I think I might love you
And I been feelin' like a magnet feels
Opposites attract, that's fa real
And I been pickin' thru the pieces of the puzzle (puzzle)
I'm befuddled but I think I might love you

Verse 2:
She the yin, I'm the yang
She do her thing I do my thang
It's gettin better everyday everyday
When I met her all that bullshit it went away,
and I don't know about tomorrow so I'm soakin' up the present day
There's no detachin it's natural attraction
Intergalactic, magical compassion I
can feel it, it's like I'm powerless against it
Defenseless, and it's not neverendin cuz it's endless
Oh the weight of this relationship is so light
And it's so nice oh we feelin' so right
I learned nobody's perfect once you get under the surface
So them flaws and them scars all serve a purpose
LIKE, see what's cute to me's that's human in you
Beautiful I can see the spirit bloomin' in you
It's the push it's the pull it's the thrill of it
We killin it concealin it and all the time I'm feelin it

Track Name: Reach Out
Carhartt coat, Timberland flow
D-Boy somethin' like the winter I'm cold
I'm the boost rattle rattle strait jacket crew status jacker upper tattle deuce chatter hacker proof jet black
Balloons and blue moons shine bright
My boots tied tight, two lips zipped twice
Drop theory Pegasus, I'm through usin' hindsight
I'ma bring the salt and tequila to the limelight
Round 5 at night when I primetime rhyme write
Live my life sunny side up
Been around the block, and I wised up
Cuz I got down, now I gotta rise up
Drizzle just a little bitta ranch on the spinach
I'm a vigilante rappa I'm a phantom a menace
I'ma imitate never, sever they limbs
Pray for 'em, I took my blows in the EIGHT TEN
Weed danker than the Michigan basement,
That it's grown in homey I'm faded
Savin up and I'ma buy an '88 Benz
Pick my poison grip that ink pen
Mothafucka wanna wonda what I think then
OH, and I'm thinkin, YO
I'ma break 'em off somethin' like I'm feedin a duck flock
Clock go tick tock, chicken like BAWK BAWK
Knock knock whose these fuckas?
The game bout buckets if it ain't bout nothin'
And the flame yo puffin and the rain and the ruckus
Go head sing sucka if that's yo thing, I'm,
Spittin' like a King Cobra ha-kuna matata
I bring the same old vibe, way mo' fire
Hip hop Dante, my chicka thicka than the white Beyonce
You like DeAndre, not like Mike
Not like me when I'm on the mic
Throw a dog a bone I'm zoning, NYO,
conehead grown and I'm home alone
And this lonely stoner's on a roller coaster
Golden ghost word open closer
4-star general, 9-foot tentacles, 5 foot 7 when I'm sittin on my genitals and

(Hook - The 4 Tops)

Verse 2:
Megatron bomb drop I'm hot chyea
Pedagogue nonstop I'm right cherr
Break it up and I'ma make it unfold
Red carpet straight to the front do'!
Rollin, stoned, Jagger, swag
Rock to the top ag-ag-aggro crag
808 anomaly and find the fact I'm bound to be
Another bottomfeeder in a volatile economy
Bad boy, Laimbeer H.A.M.
The D-Boy god damn I am,
The most dope and I'm oh so sure
Word overdose and the flows absurd
Chicka checka welcome to the mecca I'm the rhyme wrecka
My necka, the woods got the good kush
My sector, in the mitten where ya get frostbitten for the cost of livin
Lost in the game, tossed in the flame
Took all of my money and I bought caw-caine
Raw mane, real real rare
Got a bad bitch wit a Kill Bill stare
Gadzooks I'm the zeus of rap
I got the deuce deuce clap and the rooster crack
I got the foolproof mask and the new school tact
Spew beautiful poision through ya headphone jack
Molly molly molly lets party lady
All I wanna do is feel the heartbeat baby
Generation Y, we crazy?
The pain ain't seen so we trip and daydream
Spun like 4 tops, hung wit a horse cock
Bubblin', like a bottle when the cork pops
Torque with the tongue, plaque in the lungs
Spit that crack and I'm back with the funk
I'm a rascal zip Tabasco,
Sauce I'm a boss, lyrical Castro
Atcho dome with the brass knuckle flow,
oh you wanna battle? No you fuckin' don't
A.D.D. made me amazing
the dreams alive and the memories fading
I'm D-Boy so go on rep that,
Hell or high water, baby you can bet that

Track Name: Toast Up
Goin' bonanas, get yo potassium
Smokin' on a fatty don't care where I ash 'em
She asked me, "what you doin for the night D?
Is you geeked up?" Bitch I might be
And I might be the one with the gold touch
But I don't know doe doe I don't know much
i recognize I wreck 'em erytime I'm in the session
i'm elemental got the earth water wind fire FLOW

Mind on roast tryin to get my toast up FLOW
Mind on roast tryin to get my toast up FLOW
Mind on roast tryin to get my toast up
I am MI, freshwater coastin (x2)

(I support the shit)
Hip hop in my heart got the jazz in my bloodstream
i'm a poet of old I know one thing
The sun brings light to the Earth
But I follow Apollo I bring light to the verse
yo catch me with some moon rocks all up in the boondocks
I be with my goon squad who da wan do wha??
Not nobody you don' wan' know buddy
Thought I was gettin dirty homey that was only muddy
I gotta dig deep think I see a Chinese person on the otherside
And aint' shit cheap, mercenaries nullified
Cordial guerilla warfare got me mesmerized
Born to get recognized


You got producers well I got instrumentalists
I grip a pen and bend the bitch and then I get this
Remember when I used to reminisce 'bout when I was spittin
When'd I get here? this year? this year listen with intent
Clark Kent just came out the phone booth,
Wit a shark tooth necklace, a beard, and some funk juice
I'm drunk, drugs? Yes, please
Right here, put it on me test me

Pie, pie, could you break me off a sliver?
Break it down I'ma make it like a river
You be flowin I be swimmin upstream
I, did it dirty I be comin out clean UH
Bear shittin in the woods that's me in the booth
Servin poetic justice I'm speakin the truth
Live and let die mindstate Jedi
LIve by the 3rd eye that's what I'm led by
Buy what i can't afford
Pop like a can of corn
Up like that movie that made me cry
Can't ignore when I'm crazy high
I lay down my brain pounds I fade out


Marathon mind, y'all Little Debbies
Straight cookie cutta mothafuckas
I be cheffin' like BAM!
Welcome to the Space Jam, it's the Jumpman
Up in Looney Tunes land,
Doin' my groove dance, that's what I do
Smoke a doobie OO that's what I do
They talk down on me
They used to clown on me
Behind my back, they was waitin in line wit me

Track Name: Chase Ghosts
I gotta get it,
I gotta get it
I gotta get it..

I gotta get it 'fore I die, OR DO I
Opened up my eyes uh maybe too wide
I was thinkin I saw too much (too much)
Now I'm thinking, naww I grew up (I grew up)
No swagger on the path less traveled
Step by step in a life-death battle
Chains on me, chains on my brain
Change what I fear now that fear brings pain
Oh fear, YUHH, you're a deathly devil
Ya never let me move in the nightmare's peril
Fight for my right to love and at night
gain strength from the lights above, UH GIMME STRENGTH GOD
Oh the power's astounding, the whole universe that is in and around me I found it
Live life, no matter the cost
I gotta get it everyday when I wake
Can't fake hard work, no sir oh this is gon' take
Everything that I got just to get a little better
When I get a little better gotta get a little better GOTTA PUSH
Look up, that dirt is worthless
See it in the sky the inevitable purpose
I'm diggin deep still just scratchin the surface
And with every word, I'm a brand new person

We chase ghosts, make toasts, mistakes and we pray and we hope
That it's all good, maybe one day we'll get to where it's all good

I gotta get it 'fore I die, OR DO I
Opened up my eyes uh maybe too wide
I was thinkin I saw too much
Now I'm thinking, naww I grew up (x2)

I been there, seven sin veteran
Dosin myself with that lyrical medicine
Everyday gettin better than its ever been
Hit rock bottom and I been climbing ever since
Thin line 'tween blind and enlightened,
tyrant and titan, dyin and fightin
Erase that, take it all in
Face facts with a small grin, DON'T FALL IN
To the abyss, I'm thru with the gimmicks
I gotta make music DUDE I gotta listen
I got the gift of now, I got it figured out
I'm gettin bigga by the house I am infinite now
All I need in my life is a beat and a mic and the people I feel alright with (alrightt)
I been searchin for answers
24, still learnin my manners
I fell hard when my dad got cancer
Always saw him as a man that you can't hurt
Now it hurts him to laugh so he smiles bright
And yeah it still hurts bad but I'm aight
Came to grips with the fact that I'm mortal
Came to grips with the fact that I'm poor too
And the only way out is up,
And if that isn't hip hop, then what?