Factory State of Grind

by D-Boy and Lindsay Yateman

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The remastered version of my "Empire State of Mind" remix. If you haven't heard it before, enjoy! If you have, download this version for a higher quality listening experience than you're used to, thanks for all the love comin in!!!


Verse 1

Yeah Im from the 8-1- 0h, thats where I came from
Home of Mateen Cleaves, Glen Rice and Mo Pete
Yeah they call it Bedrock, land of the Flinstones
Only hustlas get dough, everybody gets stoned

Yeah Im from the mitten where Em stays spittin
No matter where I go, Ill stay from Michigan
Land of the ballers, home of the Pistons
I wanna call Chauncey, tell him how we miss him

Oh you know we dead broke, product of the system
You buy a Toyota it takes food out our kitchens
General Motors soldiers, this is how we livin
The country got a sickness but we got all the symptoms

Can I get a witness? Michigans the hardest
Fuck them Californians, fuck them New Yawkas
We aint got no stardom, dog we just starvin
Yesterday for lunch I had a plate fulla garbage, Im from


In Detroit...
Depression everywhere you look
There's nothing you can do
Now you're in Detroit
Forgotten city where we live
Hard work will inspire you
Let's hear it for Detroit, Detroit, Detroit

Verse 2

Detroit, Michigan they used to call it Mo-Town
Now its murda capital, everything has broke down
10 year old kids, sell dope and tote four pounds
Cant roll through the city if ya got ya windows rolled down

You could just your whip snatched, you could get your shit jacked
Economic crash, we caught all the impact
We caught all the whiplash, this aint where the crips at
This aint where the bloods are, this is where the thugs are

Home of that Kid Rock American Badass
Think ya city shitty? We Americas asscrack
And it aint nobody wipin, we cant get no diapers
Losin like the Lions, prayin for the Tigers

At least we got the Red Wings, mothafuck the Penguins
This is Hockeytown and that fact is neverendin
So go on do that Joe Louis, go on throw yo fist up
We done got our wrists cut but we aint gon give up get fucked

Verse 3

I came up out this mothafucka spittin cuz I had to,
I ask you, what else Im gon do? tell me dat, cant do it
Yesterday I saw a grown man deliverin a pizza,
He used to be a teacher

Yeah Im from the Great Lakes, shout out to the UP
Aint nobody make cake, but we smoke them doobies though
Cold as the north pole, when ya see the 5-0 roll slow
Cuz they broke too and ya wallets what they go fo

Old folks, losin their pensions health insurance
They thought they were assured it
I just can't take this I wanna move to Canada
At least the people there got free surgery and bandages

But I aint goin nowhere Ill stay here bleedin
Screamin for freedom and all that I believe in
Homie hell is freezin, go on pull ya lightas out
We could get the mitten lookin like a fuckin lighthouse, lights out


Lets get somethin' straight, I'm not from Detroit, I'm not tryin' to get that shit twisted, I live like an hour north, but that's that like the emblem that represents the state ya know, represents who we are, depression is contagious, you can feel that everywhere, it just keeps spreadin' we can't stop it, but like everybody knows somebody that worked at GM or Ford or Chrysler, you know how many houses depend on that shit man, just look around here its sadness, nothin' good goin' on but we still tryin', you still wake up everyday, and you gotta smile, fuck it


released February 15, 2013
Verses: Dan Amboy
Chorus: Lindsay Yateman
Recording/productions: Jeff Yateman



all rights reserved


D-Boy Lansing, Michigan

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